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Pest control in Nairobi

Rodent Control in Nairobi

Are you in search of a company to provide pest control in Nairobi, or are you in urgent need of bed bug removal in Nairobi? If so, welcome to Fukuza Dudu Services, one of the Kenya’s premier pest control and environmental services companies. We offer our services to potential clients throughout the Greater Nairobi area, from all backgrounds (domestic, commercial, industrial).

Pest control in Nairobi just doesn’t get any more efficient or discreet, we guarantee it! Why not contact us today and arrange for an initial consultation with one of our friendly, professional staff?

Our Services
As a experienced and vibrant business, we are eager to impress our clients by offering a truly comprehensive range of pest control/prevention services. Whether you’re in need of a company for:

1. Pest control and prevention
2. Commercial pest management
3. Bird control, proofing and cleaning
4. Pesticide free heat treatments
5. Electronic fly units
6. Environmental cleaning
7. Property and site clearances
8. Deep cleaning
9. Fumigation

Or any other related service, please feel free to contact us here at Fukuza Dudu Services. today. For more information and a more extensive list of our products and services, why not visit our main page by clicking here or following the link in the sidebar.

Pest Control in Nairobi
We always go the extra mile to ensure our client’s every wish is catered for. We provide a 24hr emergency call out service, seven days a week, and guarantee a same day response to all enquiries. All our staff are BPCA qualified and we possess public liability insurance to the extent of 5 million Kenya Shillings, for your peace of mind.

As a firm we are happy to provide risk assessments prior to any application of potentially harmful pesticides, and can also provide electronic fly control units, fumigation, site clearance and graffiti removal services for your commercial, domestic or industrial premises.
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You don’t have to live with cockroaches in Nairobi! Call us now on +254703503694, and we’ll be round in a flash to banish the bugs, remove the rodents and fight the fleas.

You can send your enquiry by email, if you prefer, and we’ll get straight back to you – with the utmost discretion.

So, for bird proofing in Nairobi, or simply to contact the premier firm providing efficient pest control in Nairobi and the wider metropolitan area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly, professional team here at Fukuza Dudu Services. We look forward to working with you!

Expert Pest Control in Nairobi, Kenya

Do you have a pest problem? Are you actively searching for a good pest control company? If you are need of some high-qualified professionals to help you to take control of your pest problem once and for all, then we have some important information for you!Pest Control

Pests can be a horrible problem. Whether you are dealing with rodents or with bugs, one thing stands the same when it comes to pests and that is that everyone wants them out of their house and out their business. If you have recently been invaded by pests, then you need to find the right pest control company to solve your problems so that you never have to deal with them again.

Allow us to introduce you to the No. 1 Nairobi pest control service. Allow us to introduce you to Fukuza Dudu Pest Control.

Fukuza Dudu Pest Control has been around for over 20 years and each of their technicians is qualified to at least an NVQ level 2 standard. Given their high qualifications and their years of experience, it should be a no-brainer that Fukuza Dudu Pest Control can provide you with the help that you need in order to get rid of your pest problem for good.

Why chance calling another Kenyan pest control company and finding out the hard way that they had no clue what they are doing? After all, if you do not treat the problem properly it will only get worse. Ensure that your pests are going to be gone for good once the pest man leaves by calling on the experts at Fukuza Dudu Pest Control.

Do you have rats? Do you have fleas? Do you have Wasps? None of these pests stand a chance when it comes to the service that Fukuza Dudu Pest Control provides.

Do yourself and your family a favor by calling the pest experts at Fukuza Dudu Pest Control today!

Industrial Pest Control Solutions Kenya

We at Fukuza Dudu Pest Control provide a comprehensive range of industrial solutions prominent amongst those being pest management. We provide both Fumigation and Heat Treatment facilities to cater to various international standards.

1. Fumigation
2. Heat Treatment

Pests are more than a nuisance – they can threaten public health, damage a company’s brand name, reputation and even halt operations. A professional commercial pest management service provider understands these needs for highly effective and environmentally responsible pest control. The approach should take a proactive approach to keep pests out. That’s why a commercial pest management company partners with their commercial clients to tailor Pest management solutions that target the specific needs of their facility.


Fumigants are applied where Regulations call for ” Zero Insect Tolerance ” in goods or Premises or “Zero Discharge” strict production norms.

Fumigation is a very useful technique for all involved in the storage of food commodities and working in food manufacturing plants . Total services for successful fumigation includes calculating, dispensing and regulating the appropriate amount of fumigant inside a sufficiently Gas tight enclosure

Incorrect Dosages of Fumigants can lead to Product injury and pest survival. Dosages are calculated keeping in view the safety of the cargo and safety of the operator who is performing the fumigation operations

Commercial fumigation Services are available for :

  • Truck trailers
  • Pallets (tarp & seal)
  • Boxcars and Lift Vans
  • Shipping containers
  • Food processing Plant and Machinery
  • Empty/Stuffed Godowns and Ware-houses

ISPM-15 stands for International Standard for Phyto Sanitary Measures

Since March 2006 a new Regulation has been applied to all the Wood packaging material from third world countries. The new requirement apply to all wood packaging material imported into the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, China, etc. They are a part of the so-called phyto sanitary measures. These contain stipulations for the import of plant products. Wood packaging material is considered as plant product. The purpose of the new legislation is to prevent organisms harmful to plants, such as insects, Fungi, bacteria or viruses from reaching and spreading from one country to the another. The changes in the European Union Measures are just the beginning of regulatory changes that will affect every shipper which export products on wooden pallets. Fukuza Dudu Pest Control (Kenya) has become a pioneer by addressing these types of issues early in their developmental stages to insure that their customers receive a seamless solution.

One of the main requirements is that wood packaging material has to go through heat treatment that involves a minimum wood core temperature of 56 degrees Celsius for a minimum of 30 minutes (Heat treatment HT) .Alternatively , it may be fumigated with Methyl Bromide (Methyl Bromide Fumigation MB) .Moreover , the treated wood must bear a mark with the unique code assigned to treatment provider from the Regulating Authority of Exporting Country (called IPPO)

Heat Treatment

Solid Wood Packaging Material that is used with Export consignments is treated before it is exported to avoid the transmission of the Exotic pests from one country to the other. solution.

Heat Treatment is the most widely used method to comply with ISPM-15 norms . It is Eco-friendly , safe and quick method. No Chemicals are involved in this process

Heat treatment very simply put is using controlled atmosphere (temperature and Humidity) inside a chamber to raise the core temperature of the wood to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 min. This Process essentially and effectively kills all life form of Bugs, Termites or Borers that may have nested themselves within the wood packaging material.

Once the ISPM-15 standard is Implemented , the custom Inspection authorities at the ports of entry of imported goods will verify and confirm if the Wood Packaging Material (WPM) is properly marked with the ISPM-15 official stamp and that the unique codes of the stamp are recorded on the official database of the Regulating authority.

We have necessary approvals and certifications (including the unique code) required to provide Heat Treatment Services.

Unique codes such as the one on left are provided by the Dept of Plant Protection and Quarantine, Govt of Kenya.

We have the ability to process hundreds of pallets per ISPM-15 standards everyday in our state of the art kiln facility.

One of the limitation of Heat treatment is that unlike Fumigation , The Wood Packaging material has to be taken to Heat treatment Service provider’s facility. Thus the logistics cost may go up.

Commercial pest control services in Kenya

Our services for the Household and Commercial segment include the following

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Cockroach Control
  • Termite Control
  • Wood Borer Treatment
  • Integrated Pest Management

“Pesticides are more dangerous and hazardeous than Pests”. Indiscriminate usage of lethal pesticides may be efficient in eliminating pest instantaneously but the damage caused to our health and our ecological system is irreparable. The new environmentally responsible approach to pest control with less reliance on pesticide use is known as integrated pest management(IPM). It involves the safe prevention, reduction or elimination of unwanted organisms. It takes advantage of all pest management options such as biological (e.g growth regulators or parasites), mechanical (e.g tarps or exclusion), cultural (e.g focusing on better sanitation to prevent or remove pest-conducive conditions), or chemical. By combining multiple control measures versus relying on the pesticide alone, IPM can reduce pesticide use and thus reduce the potential for harmful exposure to human health and the environment. Each IPM program is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the area serviced.

Therefore Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program focuses on eliminating pests, their breeding and harborage areas and their entry points to any facility. This provides maximum effectiveness with minimal chemical treatment.

Cockroach Control

“ There is never just one cockroach in the kitchen”. Yes it is true that where there is one cockroach there are others. If you find one in your house/apartment then you will want to take steps to eliminate all the potential ones lurking in their dark hiding places

The presence of Cockroaches in the kitchen is often detected by their damage or by the fecal matter called frass, they deposit.These signs can help in diagnosing , a cockroach problem.

The size and shape of fecal droppings also indicates the kind of cockroach species involved. We use Pesticides which falls under the Category of “Third Generation” , to which cockroaches and other bugs have not gone immune.

Latest Technology (Gel Application)

In the recent past a new technique has been developed which involves controlling the Major cockroach population within the premises by applying a gel like substance. Unlike in the past, it does not require spraying those pungent smell insecticides. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to empty out the whole kitchen and create a mess. So there’s minimal disruption of the home or work place.

The mode of action involves applying low dosages of newly developed molecule called “Fipronil” at strategic location and hide-out places inside the house .This contains a Bait to which cockroaches get attracted and feed on it. Once a critical numbers of cockroaches have accepted this bait, they start contaminating other cockroaches and a cascading effect starts taking place and gradually the whole population of cockroach gets infected by the toxic ingredient present in the bait and ultimately gets eliminated.

The gel is odorless . It can be safely applied to sensitive areas such as electrical console boxes, kitchen appliances, electronic Gadgets, behind the refrigerator etc. on which those conventional insecticide cannot be sprayed. Moreover It is safe, non-irritating and presents no hazard to the living environment.

However as an supplement to the above treatment , the drains, Shaft areas, Sanitary inlets and outlets, Manholes and other utility areas of the building outside the house are sprayed using safe and effective Insecticides.

The scientific study shows , if applied Judiciously and in a appropriate manner, about 70% of cockroach population gets controlled in about a weeks time. The remaining population gets controlled in three to four weeks. For treating a typical house of about 900 sq. ft. of area it just takes about half an hours time.

Termite Management

Subterranean termites are social insects which live in colonies in the ground. They build vertical tunnels that look like mud tubes (known as shelter tubes) above ground level in the search of food. Wood is made up of Cellulosic material which is the favorite food of Sub-terranean termites. Termites can also damage material of organic origin with cellulosic base such as paper, cardboard, fabric, furniture, etc. However termites are known for their voracious tendencies and can damage even non-cellulosic substances also in search of the food and shelter.

Because subterranean termites will die if exposed to air for an extended period of time, therefore they need constant moisture source for their survival . The mud tunnels provide protection from the open air and direct sunlight, allowing workers to forage for the food. Subterranean termites can form runways in the form of tunnels through cracks in concrete. Therefore even RCC structures are not exempt from these termites.

The basic purpose of creating a chemical barrier in the soil , along the building is interrupt the runways of termites that root through the termite colony in the soil . Once a continuous barrier is created ,they cannot safely return to their central colony nest through the chemically treated soil. It is an established fact that Termites are compelled to return every few days to their central colony nest in the ground to obtain moisture essential for their survival and to feed and groom the nymphs (young termites), the king, queen and other members of the colony.

Thus the successful installation of a chemical barrier into the soil requires lot of expertise and specialized equipment to form a complete and continuous barrier to protect the premises from a termite entry and future infestation.

To control the termites in any premises the following two options are available for our Clients:

1. One Year Maintenance Contract:(Short term Solution)
One-year maintenance contract with regular check-up.

2.Three Years Termite -Proofing Contract:(Long term Solution)
Enter into a Three Years contract for your entire Premise with an extensive treatment with Warranty.
One Year Maintenance Contract against termites is a Short term Solution which has specifically designed for customers who are either likely to move to other premises .

Contract with a professional pest control company to periodically inspect your home. This will help detect termite activity and allow for an early and proper action.

If you detect a termite shelter tube or any other form of Termite infestation it is better to go for a solution by a professional pest control company than to handle it on your own.

Damp walls and Roof or plumbing leaks can allow termites to survive above ground in a house. These should be corrected as soon as possible. Subterranean termites are capable of building a temporary nest in a ceiling or wall cavity where there is a regular moisture source , say from a leaking shower , broken roof tiles, faulty masonry or plumbing.

Wood Borer Treatment

Wood borers(Powder Post Beetles) are tiny beetles whose larva feed extensively on the wood. The adults while emerging make tiny pin size holes on the surface of wooden furniture or fixture. The fine yellowish coloured powder starts appearing from these tiny holes. This indicates the destructive activity of borers deep inside the core of the wood as these are internal feeders. They feed on the cell contents of the sapwood. While feeding they make tunnels and pupate within the wood. Borers or Powder Post Beetles attack partially or fully seasoned wood with 10-15% moisture. (i.e almost dry condition).

The beetles are more active from March-April and become less active from November onwards.

There are several methods and options for control of wood borers . Selecting the best option depends on a number of factors, such as the Gravity of infestation, the location of infestation, potential for
reinfestation, and cost of treatment. Wood borers and Powder Post Beetles damage wood slowly so there is plenty of time to make a decision on control.
As a treatment wood preservative chemicals are required to be injected into these tiny exit holes with the help of syringe and larvae is targeted as only larvae is responsible for the damage to the wood.
The wood surface is also applied with chemicals having petroleum base.